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Dominic Joel Ombati. My PhD research is on Fate and Transport of Anthropogenic Lead (Pb) along the Arid Section of Route 66, San Bernardino County California. Fate and transport research project can be defined as the study of how chemicals degrade and where they travel in the environment when they are released intentionally or unintentionally. Transport is how chemicals move through the air, water and … Continue reading Scientific Research

Educational Outreach

Child lead (Pb) poisoning is a common health problem related to my research on Fate and Transport of Anthropogenic and Geogenic Lead (Pb) in the Arid Environment, San Bernardino County, California.  Child lead (Pb) poisoning is a serious health problem globally and particularly worse in developing countries. Studies carried out in Benin, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, … Continue reading Educational Outreach

Author Profile

PERSONAL INFORMATION NAME:  Dominic Joel Ombati.                       CURRENT POSITION PhD Earth Science candidate at Loma Linda University Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, California, USA. ACADEMIC PREPARATION 2016 – Present:    LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, USA PhD candidate in Earth Science. 2012 – 2016:    LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, USA   Master of … Continue reading Author Profile

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